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Suzhou, abbreviated as "Su",  is an ancient city with over 2500 years of history. It is located in East China, the southeast of Jiangsu Province and the middle of the Yangtze River Delta. 

Suzhou Sine 42% aera of the city is covered by water, including a vast number of ponds and streams, it is praised as the “Venice of the Orient”. Suzhou gardens also attain their high reputation for their high charming natural beauty and harmonious constructure. Touring the wonderful ancient water towns in the vicinity or lingering in the classical gardens in the downtown area。

Suzhou is an important part of the Yangtze River city group. It borders Shanghai in the East, Zhejiang in the south, Taihu Lake in the West and the Yangtze River in the North. By 2021, Suzhou has 5 districts and 4 county-level cities under its jurisdiction, with a total area of 8657.32 square kilometers and a resident population of 12.7483 million. 

Suzhou is among the first batch of Chinese cities officially titled “national historical and cultural city” and a key scenic touristic city, with a history of nearly 2500 years. It is one of the important birthplaces of Wu culture and has the reputation of "paradise on earth". Suzhou is a city well known for its canals, bridges, pagodas, and beautiful gardens. There are 73 well preserved classical gardens, of which the Humble Administrator’s Garden and the Lingering Garden are listed in the four famous gardens in China. 

9 Classical Gardens of Suzhou and the Suzhou section of the Grand Canal are listed into the Directory of World Cultural Heritage Sites. The Kunqu Opera, Chinese Guqin art, Song Brocade, Suzhou tapestry method, traditional architecture construction expertise as called Xiangshan School and the Suzhou Dragon Boat Festival custom are included into the representative list of the UN Directory of Intangible Cultural Heritage.


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